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Challenge Dates: July 24th-Sept 3rd

All female, 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge
In addition to what is included, we have created add on coaching options to lead you through the full 6 weeks of the Challenge. They are designed for the individual wanting further structure and accountability with their workouts, supplementation and more. Check out everything this challenge is about below!

LEARN from leading fitness professionals who will support you all the way

MOTIVATE others and draw inspiration from like-minded women

INSPIRE friends and family with the results you will achieve


The 2017 GGRx Transformation Challenge will be conducted internationally. Everyone is eligible to participate!

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commit to your workouts, dial in your nutrition, and work hard. 

You’ll get nutrition, workouts, exclusive deals, and pro advice from GGRx and Macrostax

compete in weekly challenges: They’ll keep you motivated and you could win amazing prizes from our sponsors


The Process

1. Register for your Transformation Challenge
2. At step 2 of registration, select any additional coaching options you see that will help you along the way. Check out on the site.
3. On July 18th you will receive an email from Macrostax with your login details. You will submit your "before" pictures (front, back, side, and confirmation photo). Must be uploaded by July 24th.
4. Over the 6 weeks, work hard, and eat right. GGRx and MacroStax will provide you with guidance in the form of workouts, tips, and inspiration available in the private FB Group. The weekly challenges will be announced through the GGRx App.
5. After the 6 weeks, submit your "after" pictures.
6. Then win the amazing new body and some fun prizes.

Cost & Details

Early bird registration is $49 per person, which runs through July 15th. On July 16th, the price increases to $60. 

This includes an entry to the competition, access to the Macrostax app, Live Q&A (July 20th), 2 workouts every week, weekly motivational/educational emails, access to the private FB Group, and daily macro-nutrition. You also have the chance to win cash and prizes during our weekly challenges. You will have unlimited resources, motivation, and support provided throughout the 6-weeks.

The Macrostax app includes a totally custom macro plan with meal suggestions catered specifically to your lifestyle and your goals. Plus the coaching add ons are customized to suit your needs and goals. We couldn't be more excited!

Highlighted Dates:

  • Challenge Runs July 24th through Sept 3rd
  • Registration will open July 3rd!
  • Early Bird Pricing through July 15th! After July 15th it goes to $60 per person
  • Download the Free GGRx App from your app store to participate in weekly challenges brought to you by our sponsors
  • Live Q&A with Macrostax July 20th time TBD
  • Before Pictures uploaded to the app by July 24th
  • Last day to register is July 24th
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GGRx Training Plans

Designed by the GGRx Team of coaches, so you know this program will bring you success!!! These coaching add on options will be Online Coaching and Program Design to become fit, sexy, and confident! 

Online, Remote coaching from the GGRX Team of coaches is the most effective way to achieve your goals. We offer coaching, program design, and consultations for all levels of athlete. Goals can vary from those serious about improving fitness, losing weight, having more energy, and so on. We are dedicated to helping you succeed. 

We’ve will be emailing out articles that we feel are complementary with the 6-week challenge add on's you’ve purchased!


1st Place

 Bixby Shorts
Kinx Trifecta Combo
Double Under Wonder Gift Cert
Brute Force Kettlbell/Sandbag Combo($200 value)
$500 Cash
FlapJacked Products
Gym Gypsy Journal
Fashletics Necklace
Groove Ring
GGRx Team Entry to a local comp

2nd Place

 Bixby Tank Top
Kinx Liner and Wipe
Double Under Wonder Gift Cert
Brute Force 70lb Brute Ball ($100 value)
FlapJacked Products
Gym Gypsy Journal
Fashletics Necklace
Groove Ring
GGRx Team Entry to a local comp


3rd Place

Bixby Tank Top
Kinx Liner
Double Under Wonder Gift Cert
Brute Force Comp Weight Belt($55 value)
Gym Gypsy Journal
Fashletics Necklace
Groove Ring
FlapJacked Products



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I live outside of the US. Can I still participate? Am I still eligible to win?

A: Yes, and yes! We encourage international participation, and you are equally able to win. We have GGRx ladies ALL over the world!

Q: Do I NEED to follow Macrostax or can I use my own macros and still participate?
A: You don't "have to" use the Macrostax app, but it is included with the challenge. You will need a way to save a before/after picture to submit. If you are already tracking your own nutrition but want in on everything else included in the challenge, then register!
Q: How will this be judged? 

A: The judging process will be based strictly on the progress between your "before" & "after" pictures. You must take your own pictures and upload them into the Macrostax app yourself!
GGRx & Macrostax will select the top 3 ladies and announce them. (You’re required to keep ALL of your stats in the Macrostax app safe for the duration of the challenge to submit at the end.)

Q: Will GGRx provide anything to help me along during the challenge?

A:The GGRx team is dedicated to your success throughout this challenge! We will provide you the resources to succeed, whatever your goal may be! Weekly workouts & challenges will be sent out, nutritional guidance will be through the app, and motivation from the team. You will also have access to the Free GGRx App for daily workouts and challenges. We have partnered with some of the top coaches to provide extra coaching options for you which you can purchase at anytime throughout the challenge.

Q: What if I am a Macrostax user already?
A: Just shoot us an email and we will get you taken care of and set up. Use the contact us form and let us know.
Q: Do I need to compete in GGRx to sign up?
A: You don't need to have competed in a GGRx event to register. You don't need any fitness experience to participate. We will help guide you through your transformation however that looks for you!

Official Rules

To officially enter the GGRx Transformation Challenge you must register here, submit payment, and complete the required information.  Upon registering, individuals will be required to submit their own “before” pictures each of a specific body vantage point during by July 24th, end of the day in your own timezone. All “before” and “after” photos must be your own original photos, and must be unaltered. Any attempt to distort or deceive during the photo submission process will also result in disqualification, at the discretion of GGRx. Something showing the current date must be in your front view picture.

The top 3 ladies will be selected by the GGRx Challenge Team, and announced on the Girls Gone Rx & Macrostax social media accounts as well as girlsgonerx.com
2017 Challenge participation is open to any lady from anywhere, including the US, and international locations. Our affiliates in Canada and Europe will all be involved and helping throughout the challenge.

How do I win?

At the conclusion of the Challenge, GGRx & Macrostax will select the top 3 ladies. These top 3 ladies will be selected based strictly and exclusively on their before & after pictures. 

Regulations and Requirements

Each Challenge participant assumes all risk of injury, harm or loss of any kind arising from participation in the Challenge. Consult with your physician or healthcare provider before starting any new exercise, nutrition or supplementation program, particularly if you suffer from any medical condition or regularly use prescription or over-the-counter medications. If you are not experienced with training, or if you are changing your exercise program, consult with a qualified trainer or coach. Challenge participants expressly release the GGRx and Macrostax, its distributors and affiliated companies, and the directors, officers and employees of any of them from all risk, loss, injury, damage or harm that may arise from participating in the Transformation Challenge.

Please note, GGRx does not give refunds under any circumstance. Please read the above policies and rules carefully before purchasing.