Can I scale the workouts?
Yes! We now have a new division called BAM. Bam Division (Badass In the Making) :: Athletes that are new to the competition scene or beginners. Needs to do modifications like jumping pull-ups, new to olympic lifting, and needs to modify most of the workouts. We have listed out the standards here

What do we get with registration?
Tanks (if registered by your event deadline, so check the event page or Facebook page for the deadline. Each team will get a bag full of swag from sponsors, which varies at every event.  Swag bags can be full of goodies varying from protein samples, Bright Pink hair ties, beauty products, sponsor discounts, etc.  

Where do I go to fundraise?
Visit here to set up your team pages. Find your location, select it, and set up a team page under that event. All incentives from Bright Pink will be handled directly by Bright Pink and shipped to you about 4 weeks after each event. We reward top fundraising team at every event and you can get donations all the way up until noon the day of the event. 
Check out the how to fundraise video here

How does fundraising impact my score?
Each workout is weighed evenly (23% each) and fundraising is worth 8%. About 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Visit this page to set up your team fundraising page for the event you are competing in.

What if there is a tie?
Ties on the overall leaderboard will be broken by awarding the team with the highest result in any single workout. If Teams are still tied, the process continues to their next highest single result, and so forth.

I need to switch out a teammate, what do I do?
The team captain can login to their Competition Corner account and make the change. Changes can happen all the way up until event check in, for most events. After your team checks in at the event, you may not switch or sub in teammates. 
Check out the Competition Corner Help Center
Still have questions; just email us.

How do I switch divisions?
You can switch your division NLT 2 weeks prior to the event date. You can login into your Competition Corner account and change it for your team or contact us to make the change for you.

When are heat times released? 
We generally release heat times 48-72 hours before the event.

When does registration close?
Usually events sell out within 24hours of opening registration, so don’t hesitate to register. If the event doesn’t sell out, registration will close 1 week prior to the event date. Every event has a tank top deadline (which is promoted the most in the Facebook event page). You must register AT LEAST 3 weeks prior to the event to receive athlete tanks for your team. Once the deadline passes, you will not receive tanks.

I volunteered and haven’t received any additional information yet?
You’ll get 1-2 emails from the hosting gym’s event coordinator within 10 days before the event. If you haven't received anything, please contact the gym directly.

What kind of sweet prizes do we get if our team wins?
There are NO CASH PRIZES.  If you want the big cash prizes, check out the CrossFit Games. Our prizes come from our awesome sponsors, and can include goods and discounts, usually each ranging in value from $10-$100 per athlete.  Examples may include liquor, supplements, small workout-related items (jump ropes, wraps), apparel, log books, and more.

I registered and want a refund.
We do not offer refunds. Event planning and logistics are too complicated to make changes, so please make sure you can attend your event or exchange your team registration at least 14 days in advance.

I don’t go to an affiliate, can I still compete?
Yes, this is open to any athlete from anywhere, don’t have to be affiliated, just come ready to have fun. We just ask you dress for the fun: glitter, tutu’s, and outrageous outfits!

I want to spectate, is there a fee?
This is dependent on the hosting gym. Typically spectators are free for we want everyone you know to come watch you compete at Girls Gone Rx. You can contact the hosting gym to find out specifics for the event.

I’m interested in sponsoring, who do I contact?
Please use our contact form to get in touch with us directly. Generally, we want sponsors that will see a direct benefit from their exposure through the Girls Gone Rx, that also mix well with the Girls Gone Rx community. We offer sponsorships for the entire series, as well as individual events.