I stepped out of my comfort zone about a year and some odd months ago and signed up for crossfit. I remember thinking "What in the world am I doing!" I stuck it out and have continued to surprise myself and met some great friends too.
When we saw the Girls Gone RX event pop up at our box we were like"Let's do it!" Again, thinking "What in the world are we doing?, Who are we?" I think we were all excited and nervous at the same time and didn't really have too high of expectations. We just wanted to have some fun and experience a crossfit competition. Until we practiced one Saturday morning at open gym, then we got more nervous, but we still knew we would have fun!
We saw the fundraiser portion (for Bright Pink) come out and we knew we could totally rock that and so we did, raising $410 towards an AMAZING cause. Super exciting! I remember texting each other the night before saying how nervous again we were and that we could sleep, but eventually we did and then it was here-OUR VERY FIRST COMPETITION!!!
We had matching shirts, shorts, and pink ribbon face tattoos and there were so many women and lots of pink. Here it was, lets give it all we got! And that's exactly what we did. We each  PR'd, we all smiled, we all cheered, we all had our hearts racing, and we might have even shed a tear watching all the athletes smash the WOD"S, especially one special  lady 4 weeks out of chemo! INCREDIBLE!! This event was so inspiring for so many reasons, not only did we strengthen our bodies, but also strengthened our friendships and desire to better ourselves.   
I am so glad we again stepped out of our comfort zones. Go team "Fence Crew!" Thank you GGRX and Crossfit 740 for hosting!  Looking forward to next year!