GGRx is SO encouraging

We had SUCH an amazing day on Sat November 19 2016 at CrossFit Sanctuary!!!

We are not the fastest and CERTAINLY not the strongest team to have competed, but at this event, the support from everyone creates an atmosphere of success for everyone!!! The day ran along so smoothly, which for the second year in a row makes it our favorite competition. I compete a few times a year and am often one of the smaller competitors.

My team (although much younger and stronger than me) never makes me feel like the weak link and the other competitors,  help me to feel like I am one of them! GGRx is SO encouraging, motivating and 100% represents the idea of "community" that CrossFit is known for! Coming together to compete for a great cause while doing something healthy and having a blast?? It doesn't get any better than that. Can NOT wait to come back next year.  
Thank you to GGRx and CrossFit Sanctuary!  

Warmly, Erin Solnick age 38 from CrossFit Massapequa

Lindsey MarcelliComment