Just have fun and see what would happen

We had such an amazing time at this competition! One of our teammates had returned literally two nights before from a 2 month long stint in Mexico, where she was unable to train much at all, and so we were unable to do any practicing beforehand. In addition, we had pulled workouts from the wrong place and it turns out our game plan was for the complete wrong workouts, so we only knew the real workouts a day out from competition day! Needless to say, we weren’t terribly prepared!
Luckily, our mission going into this one was to just have fun and see what would happen. We were all kind of burnt out from previous competitions, not to mention two crazy months in Mexico (I respect you Dalila for pulling through for our team after that!), so we just wanted this competition to be chill with no stress. I think the picture attached conveys the spirit of that beautifully! The last event finished and we were so happy with what we were able to do, and had an impromptu team twirl.
We didn’t care about the scoreboard, we just knew we did our best and had been an amazing team at an amazing and thoughtful competition. This was a great experience for us as athletes and friends and we’re all grateful for having had the experience!

Lindsey MarcelliComment