First off thank you to my girls. I truly love appreciate and value you girls Rajah and Jess, and our friendship. I made a goal this year to not only do more competitions, but to podium. Never did I think I'd actually do it. And I will admit. I didn't want to look at the leaderboard because we'd stayed in 3rd place ALL day out of all the teams. So I wanted to wait for the announcement. So I did. BUT I overheard a girl make a phone call and say hey we made 3rd I need you to get my kids. My heart sank. But I knew I gave my all, and so did my girls, so I would have to be ok and accept whatever the outcome. So I walked over to my husband and just stood there. Laid my head on his chest and tried to relax. He asked if I was ok, and despite wanting to be strong, tears ran down my face I just cried and said no, this is all I wanted and I worked so hard for this. THEN to find out we got second, was like WOW! I'm so grateful to the people I have on my side, Coaches and friends. Because I didn't get here alone. So many people had a role in my success. And for that, I am forever grateful. Goal Completed. 

Thank you for having an amazing organization. Supporting such an amazing cause makes it all worth it.