This was such a fun event. And such an important event. Awareness is everything.
This year we actually had someone on our team who had recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer, she had a hysterectomy and they were able to get all of the cancer and today she's cancer free. She only had a couple of days to get ready for this competition yet she showed up and she killed it!!! It's just such a strong reminder of how important and how valuable life is. Last year we had 4 teams this year we had 5!! 15 strong women showed up!! And because we love this event so much and SLC CrossFit does an amazing job of putting this on next year we'll probably have more teams.
Here is our group picture I couldn't be more proud than to have participated with all of these strong women, three of which are my sisters. Such an amazing event and so much fun keep the good work outs coming and we'll see you again next year!!!