Three women with three very different stories came together for one fabulous event.

We are from different boxes and met through a mutual friend. Two single moms and a newly deputized officer, but we have the love of Crossfit and competition in common. Our hectic schedules allowed for few practices, yet we made the best of what time we had. This was Nichole's first competition and honestly, none of us consider ourselves "RX" but we wanted to compete for a cause near and dear to us.

So many times we find ourselves criticized by the masses for size and weight, age and ability, but none of it mattered at this event. We were surrounded my peers, coaches, family and friends who cheered for us all. There were no attitudes or egos. Watching each other overcome challenges, PR and grow as athletes while our efforts supported a worthy cause was the greatest reward. Best of all we had fun!

Great things come from small beginnings. We cannot wait to join Girls Gone RX again next year!

~Nina Fester, Heather Cole & Nichole Danzig (L to R)