This was my first Girls Gone Rx competition, and I was beyond excited to say the least!

I teamed up with two of my favorite girls from the gym and we couldn't wait to compete together.  We were hopeful that we could podium, but still realistic as we all competed with injuries.  One bum hip, one bum ankle, and one bum elbow gimped out onto the floor and gave it their all.  We didn't podium, we weren't even top 5 (6th, so close) but I couldn't have been any happier with my team's performance.  We learned so much about ourself and about one another!  I already knew these girls were strong, but I had no idea how strong.  I watched my teammates continue in events with tears in their eyes because they didn't want to "let our team down."  We left it all out there in the floor and I couldn't be more proud of our performance.  Even more than the performance aspect, the atmosphere was amazing.  I found myself being high-fived & cheered on by girls I has never met before.  Each person was giving their best, & every other person was cheering.  This is what crossfit is all about.  Strong women cheering for and empowering other strong women! I can't wait to train for GGRX 2018 with my teammates! 

Beth S.