This was my 3rd Girls Gone Rx competition.  I keep coming back because it is truly one of my favorites!  The atmosphere of strong women supporting other strong women is something that you just have to experience to truly understand it.  

This year, I got to team up with two of the fittest, most badass ladies that I know: my good friends Amanda and Melissa.  I met both of them just about a year ago, via social media.  We had done an intermediate competition and competed against one another.  Amanda and I found each other on social media and began commenting on each other's posts.  You know, they say those internet friends are the most supportive ones..  Long story short, she introduced me to Melissa and the 3 of us has competed together a few times now.  We call ourselves team BAM (Beth, Amanda, Melissa).  We worked our butts off at this competition, had an absolute blast, crushed a few PRs, and came out with a podium, 2nd place in the RX division!   The podium finish was cool, but spending time with these badass ladies was ever better!  I could NOT ask for more fun, supportive, beautiful, and downright wonderful teammates and more importantly, friends.  We can't wait to compete again at Girls Gone RX again next year!

<3 Beth Simon