My story that id like to share is the story of a team coming together to help a carry a very sick member through. 

I am a very experienced CF athlete but I have personally been battling unrelenting migraines and recently have been put on a number of medications to try and mitigate them. We walked into GGRx so pumped and excited to have so much fun.

Event 1 begins and almost instantly I feel my body completely betray me and I became incredibly dizzy woozy and lightheaded. I made it through two rounds of DL and then nearly collapsed. My bomb team members were right there in pure GGRX fashion to pick up the slack and do all the remaining DL and ring rows leaving just the synchro burpees.

The picture below demonstrates their determination to help me unconditionally while I was in the background trying not to black out. Lots of love for these ladies. 


Coming together