Some of my faves from yesterday's comp! **warning- this may get a little sappy** first off this comp is one of my absolute favorites! Not only does it support and bring awareness to breast cancer, it also celebrates women of all kinds! Yes, it's a competition, and yes we all take it seriously, but more than that it allows a chance for women from all over to come and kick ass together- to cheer eachother on- to help motivate and encourage one another with no other motive than to lift eachother up and push eachother beyond limits we have unintentionally set for ourselves. I, for one, am so extremely proud and beyond gracious to have been a part of this event and my team! Two of my best friends in the whole world went out and gave every ounce they had yesterday! Nothing was left behind! We were all injured, and quite honestly could have easily bowed out of this comp...yet we stood by eachother and said this is about the cause and having fun- let's do our best... and maybe kick some ass along the way.

We were able to win the charity event by raising $875 towards breast cancer prevention and awareness! THANK YOU to everyone who donated to our team!! We are so grateful!! We placed 6th overall!:) Personally, I overcame a lot of fears I've been harbouring....i jumped, hit a snatch weight I haven't hit since being injured, and was able to run for the first time in 15 weeks! I also had a moment of celebrating my flaws.  It was kind of hard looking at pics and seeing how much ive lost since being hurt- a lot of muscle tone gone, put some weight on, definitely took on some major cellulitehowever, while carefully selecting pics that hid a lot of that, I decided to say fuck it!! This is the start of healing, to getting back to where I was and beyond that! This is a reminder that even though I am injured, school and the stress of daily life kicks my ass at times, I still get up every day and try my best! I'm celebrating where I'm at in this stage in my life and promising myself to never be a negative influence on myself!

To all the girls who competed yesterday- way to go!!! That was hard and you all kicked major ass!!! To my teammates- I love you girls more than you'll ever know! Finally, to everyone who came out to cheer us on...thank you for all of your support and love!! Here's to prepping for GGRX 2018!!