Girls Gone RX!!!! Where do I even start with this event?!

We hosted at our box and when the workouts were released you could see fear in many of the girls eyes, many did not have double unders or ever used a 14# wall ball let alone 145# deadlift, and toes through rings what are those?!

We had a lot of girls give push back but our coach did an amazing job at encouraging girls to get a team regardless and fight for the movements the day of and if not it was for a good cause regardless!

Now to the day of the event OMG! I had just recently got my double unders and my max 5# deadlift was 125. The other girls one my team were cardio queens I will say I was nervous every going in because our team was pretty "green" I left that day feeling so accomplished pulling 15 deadlifts unbroken 3x and 64 unbroken double unders. The teams, ours included, pulled together so well to help with another teammates weakness. I can say for our team we left that day feeling beyond accomplished.

Now to my favorite part of the day was seeing a gym mate struggle with the toes through rings. She was the only one who was able to get any on her team and by the third round she had tired out but she did not quit until that timer went off. She fought for every rep even though many were unsuccessful. However her fight and the eruption from the crowd when she would get one brought tears to my eyes.

This event, this community, these girls were so amazing I still get goosebumps. Spending a day with so many bad ass, encouraging women supporting a cause will forever be a day that I cherish. THANK YOU GGRX for a humbling day. Shout out to Crossfit 43123 for executing this event flawlessly and Flash Fit photography for capturing how truly amazing female athletes are! 💪💪