Hosting FAQ

Any other questions that may not have been addressed here please don't hesitate to email us. Our goal is to make your event stress free and easy for you. Let us handle the hard stuff, while you enjoy hosting an unique amazing competition for your community.


Do you ever cancel events?
Yes, we only have you host the event if it is over 20 teams. We determine that 3 weeks prior to your event, before we order the athlete tank tops.

What happens if my event needs to be cancelled?
Girls Gone Rx will cancel any event that has less than 20 teams registered 4 weeks out from the event. Any event cancelled within 4 weeks of the event date, the hosting gym will be required to pay Girls Gone Rx a $350 cancellation fee; due immediately upon a Paypal invoice. Girls Gone Rx reserves the right to cancel any event at any time.

Do you send a rep?
Yes, when you get to 75+ teams we send a rep to help guide your event. If you are wanting a rep and have less teams, discuss with us so we can try to coordinate this for you as well.

Do we get paid for hosting?
Yes, review below. If you need any clarification, shoot an email

Girls Gone Rx Competitions- Gym Profit based on Teams Registered:

20-35 Teams: $55 per team

36-49 Teams: $66 per team

50+ Teams: $72 per team plus a $300 bonus

75+ Teams: $75 per team plus a $500 bonus & GGRx Rep to advise

*Any discount codes used will not effect host gym earnings* 


Do we get money for a dj/equipment/etc?
You get paid per team plus bonuses if applicable. See above. You choose how you wish to spend your income.

Do we need portable toilets?
Yes if you plan to close your indoor facilities. It is recommend 1 porta-pottie (or bathroom) per every 30 athletes. We recommend closing your restrooms to prevent the stress of having to manage them.

Scoring. Who does it or do I need to get a scoring system?
We use for our registration and scoring. You will be sent full details on how to enter scoring prior to the event. Find a volunteer that will man your athlete checkin/score table the day of. Any questions on using Competition Corner, visit their help desk

Who does the workouts and programming?
Girls Gone Rx handles this, with gym reviews/edits. Once you receive workouts TEST them to ensure they work at your facility. We will send you the workouts to approve, change, and we will handle all graphics and announcements. We also email you score cards to print before the event.

Who is in charge of getting volunteers/judges/extra help
You are responsible for getting your local community to help out. We like to use for volunteer forms. That way you can track how many you have and get their information to send out emails or texts. 

What does the GGRx rep do at our event?
Provides gym owner advice throughout the day to ensure event runs smoothly.  Rep will give input on gym set up, how to flow between heats, and ensure event runs well.  They will assist head judge in providing a solid judge/athlete workout brief.  The rep will provide assistance with any scoring issues or disgruntle teams. They are the go-to point of contact throughout the event. 
The Girls Gone Rx rep will not be: Emcee, Head Judge, or entering scores. They will need to float through event to help it run smoothly and address any issues.

Can the teams scale the workouts?
We have listed out the maximum weights and movements here. The team will need to decide if those weights and movements are able to be prescribed. Scaling is not allowed beyond what is listed for Rx and/or BAM; meaning they can’t scale during the event, past what the workout describes.

Team changes. What do I need to do?
If they want to change their team name, have another team take their spot, etc this can all happen during athlete check in. Who ever runs your check in table can change the team name then. Just like entering scores, you click edit and change the team name. Don't change names until the team received their tank tops, since we order them based on team names. Any issues just visit the help desk

Who does the heats and when are heat times released? 
We will coordinate with you to populate your heats and event timeline. We generally release heat times to the public 48-72 hours before the event. We will make it easy for you, we handle emailing all teams, posting graphic of heats, and sending you all details. 

When does registration close?
We will leave it open until the Sunday before the event. We will close it out, populate heats, and get all details to you for approval on Tuesday. Wednesday we announce all final details. 

Who provides prizes/swag for winning teams?
There are NO CASH PRIZES.  Our prizes come from our awesome sponsors, and can include goods and discounts, usually each ranging in value from $10-$100 per athlete.  Examples may include liquor, supplements, small workout-related items (jump ropes, wraps), apparel, log books, and more. You may always add to the podium prizes, in fact we encourage you to find local vendors/sponsors.

Team wants a refund.
We do not offer refunds. Event planning and logistics are too complicated to make changes, so please make sure they can attend your event or exchange their team registration at least 14 days in advance. They also have to check this box when registering saying they agree, so teams already know there are no refunds.

Out of the US Events: 
You will be responsible for ordering event tank tops prior to the event and may be responsible for obtaining local sponsorships, pending shipping restrictions from our US partners. Please work closely with the Girls Gone Rx team so we can ensure everything is covered for your event.
Girls Gone Rx will reimburse you for athlete tanks when you receive your event pay, post event. All info on teams, sizes, and so on will be found when you log into